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Low Temperature Insulation

Traditionally insulations are often made based on fibre materials. Fibres are easy, reasonably priced, and commonly accepted solutions for insulation. There are, however, applications where traditional fibre insulation is not optimal solution although commonly used.

Known issues related to fibre insulation:

  • Reduced insulation value due to moisture
  • Surface corrosion of insulated area due to moisture
  • Reduced insulation value due to convective heat transfer
  • Difficulties locating leakages
  • Insulating complex shapes

Insulation of coatings is based on properties of ceramic compounds instead of air. This reduces possibility of moisture inside the insulation and convection will not chance insulation value of the material. Decreased moisture will also decrease possibility of corrosion formation on insulated area.

If leakage forms under a coated area it will be locally visible. Coating can be easily removed and re-applied after maintenance. Coatings, unlike e.g. polyurethane coatings, are not easily flammable.

Video 1 and video 2 on coating application and insulation. Can also be used on the outside surfaces of high temperature applications.

High Temperature Insulation

Insulation value of fibre can be improved by applying a reflective coating on the fibre. Insulation of furnaces, covers, or different high temperature structures can be improved using ITC coatings and fibre together. Building layers of coating and fibre insulation value can be improved considerably. According to measurement surface temperature of steel ladle was decreased by 80 °C using 25 mm fibre in combination with ITC products.

The benefits using coatings include improved insulations but also higher heat resistance in gas atmospheres and protection against molten metals break outs.

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