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Fighting corrosion can be made easier by using products that are simpler to install and offer long service life. Rodbay offers several solutions to fight corrosion at high and low temperatures and mainly without any need for sandblasting.

Low Temperature Corrosion

Corrosion and weathering is a problem of most surfaces, metallic or ceramic. Before applying surface protection most coatings require blasting to white metal and removal of all previous surface products.  Our solutions require only waterblasting or similar cleaning of dust, oil, or salt. If previous coating or paint is still healthy and well connected with surface, it can be left underneath the new coating. Especially cleaning of salts is very important and for this purpose Cholr*Rid can be used. First an analysis of surface is made and then, if necessary, Cholr*Rid is mixed with water and surfaces are washed.

Surfaces can consist of metallic and ceramic areas and very often different materials require different materials as primers. Our solutions can be used on all surfaces and no separate primers are required.

Solutions against corrosion and some chemicals:

  • ElaProof
  • Rust Grip®
  • Moist Metal Grip
  • Enduroof

High Temperature Corrosion

At high temperatures (> 200 °C) corrosion can be caused by chemicals or condensing moisture. Typical polymer based products have maximum service temperature below 200 °C. Ceramic clay based ITC materials are chemically very stable materials that can be used for protecting ceramic and metallic surfaces up to 1600 °C. Conditions are very challenging and protection of each application has to be individually considered.

Solutions against corrosion and some chemicals:

  • ITC 100HT
  • Topcoat 296A
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