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As technologies advances and people in organizations change, it can cause processes to become less optimal. This can be seen e.g. in high temperature structures, praxis, and energy production. For example optimizing energy efficiency usually increases production time, improves quality, and decreases maintenance costs. Rodbay services are divided into two groups.

Process Measurements and Analysis

Pressure to change is especially seen in high temperature processes due to increasing energy prices. Changes, on the other hand, demand experience for risk assessment and measurements for return of investment calculations. For these purposes Rodbay offers measurement and analysis services to establish current status and define potential for improvements.

These services can be used e.g. with different kind of furnaces including measurements, structural analysis, and production praxis.

Process Optimization

Usually process optimization requires understanding the process but also the ability to take into account details of process equipment. When old employees are replaced with young people, some knowledge has to be imported from outside. The best results will be achieved by combining the outside knowledge in tight co-operation with knowledge of the customer.

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Rodbay Ltd produces innovative solutions for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and sustainable development.