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Rust Grip

Tough, one-part, moisture-cure polyurethane coating that absorbs atmospheric moisture to cure.

Rust Grip can be applied over pressure-washed, completely dry flash rust and firmly bonded commercial paints. In most cases, a white or near-white blasting is not required. A light to medium surface rust is preferred as the profile. Can be used on concrete if soluble salt deposits are removed from pores. Coating is loaded with a metallic pigment for strength and provides a protective coating film that is resistant to abrasion and impact, and is also resistant to chemical solvents and acid splash. Rust Grip is certified by the EPA for encapsulation of lead-based paints and asbestos as well as Biohazard Encapsulator (ASTM E1795).

Rust Grip has been tested for 15 000 hours salt spray test with full coverage and 500 hour test with scratched surface.

U.S. Army Corps evaluation report

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