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Water borne, single component polymer membrane for waterproofing and protection against chemicals.

Build Care Ltd has developed revolutionizing protecting ElaProof coating against moisture and chemicals. This waterborne polymer membrane is non-toxic and harmless to human, nature, and other materials. Since 2005 ElaProof has protected different surfaces like wood drying chamber walls from moisture and chemical based corrosion.

ElaProof forms an elastic, breathing, and waterproof film on all construction materials. It works even on porous, webbed, and fiber based materials e.g. gypsum plates, light gravel block, or glass fibre. ElaProof can also be used as glue to adhere different materials including concrete and wood to each other.

ElaProof adheres to all surfaces, wet and dry, fills, seals holes and cracks. It can be laminated with porous, webbed, and fibre based materials. ElaProof dries fast, 1 mm layer drying in a few hours (20 °C). After drying ElaProof can be painted, plastered, or otherwise covered. Products are fully ecological and solvent free.

Roof repair using ElaProof

Waterproofing of slab and splinth using ElaProof

ElaProof makes caulking easy

ElaProof protects surfaces also in challenging conditions

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