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Rodbay Ltd

Rodbay Ltd is mainly focused on energy efficiency and sustainability by bringing new solutions to market or transferring old solutions to new applications.

To create new innovations or create innovations by combining old ones requires the same open mindness and out-of-the-box thinking that is core of Rodbay Ltd. Company does value traditions and is trying to maintain parts of old wisdom that has already been forgotten with fever of new technology.

The most important sector are coating solutions. “Surface Is Everything” reminds as that sometimes it is enough just to scratch the surface. Surfaces are playing an important role in e.g. wear or heat transfer. During the past 30 years interest to modify heat transfer by surface properties has increased since results indicate high potential to energy saving as well as quality and efficiency improvements.

Rodbay Ltd wants to show how efficient coating solutions can be when facing challenges of today. This is done by expertise gathered during a long history in university research, contracting, and consulting combined with carefully selected partners.

Rodbay Ltd

Teollisuuskatu 1 A 4
FI-49400 Hamina, Finland
+358 50 5930371

In brief

Rodbay Ltd produces innovative solutions for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and sustainable development.